Pet Care


Alternatives to conventional veterinary prescriptions.

Animals can be very difficult to treat with medications. Veterinary Compounding can help overcome common difficulties in giving pets their medications. You, your veterinarian and your Northwest Compounding Pharmacist can work together to help solve many of the problems associated with administering your pet's prescriptions.

We are proud to offer Pet Care including supplies, medications, and compounding. The practice of compounding is becoming a popular solution to veterinary problems. Your pharmacist can provide specialized prescription services to veterinarians in the treatment of almost all animals. Exotic pets, horses, dogs, cats and zoo animals may all require medication at some point and our pharmacists can assist veterinarians in offering dosages that are patient-specific in strength and formulation.

Compounding can also make medicating animals easier, as the medications can be prepared in the form of flavored chews or capsules that animals accept readily. When you have a need for compounded medication, trust the experts at Northwest Compounding to provide the appropriate medication in the form, dosage and formula of ingredients that’s right for you.

Veterinary Compounding can simplify a pet's prescription:

  • Discontinuation of Commercial Products by Manufacturer
  • Weight & Species Variations
  • Compliance Problems
  • Taste, Dosage Form, Volume & Smell
  • Resistance to available preparations
  • Concentration of Commercial Products
  • Efficacy of Commercial Products
  • Product not available (several drugs not combined as vet needs)
  • Appropriate vehicle may be irritating

The art and science of preparing customized veterinary prescriptions.

Like their owners, animals are individuals and have their own special needs. They come in all different sizes and dispositions. Compounding can help overcome common and unique difficulties when it comes to administering a pet's medication. The resurgence of veterinary compounding in the last few years provides valuable benefits to today's pet owners.

Veterinary Compounding can simplify a pet's prescription:

  • Cats are notorious for eating around a pill hidden in their food. A tuna flavored suspension with the proper amount of medication can be blended in food or simply put into the mouth.
  • Dogs don't appreciate a solution of amoxicillin being squirted into their mouth. A prescription can be made into a tasty treat that the pet will gladly take.
  • A medication that works well for veterinary applications that has been discontinued by the manufacturer can be obtained in bulk and prepared according to the prescription by a compounding pharmacist.
  • An antibiotic in a commercially available does of 100mg may be enough for an 80 pound golden retriever, but is far too strong for a six-pound kitten. Common prescriptions can be customized according to a pet's size and weight.